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Stitched Paintings

What is a Stitched Painting?

Read these reviews of the work:

A new and explosive concept in painting is revealed by the artist in this show. Stitchery used independently and in combination with oils and mixed media lifts the use of yarn out of the world of simple crafts into the world of artistic expression. The artist literally paints with stitches . . . These works are especially intriguing; a new concept in creative originality that is truly exciting to see.

Doris Biechler
Biechler Gallery, Lancaster, PA

Laynor uses a sense of vigorous motion and mystical stylization in his work. He deserves congratulations for demonstrated ability.

Robert G. Wheeler,
Albany Institute of History and Art

His work explodes in excitement, It is not generally subtle but has great emotional force: I like his work. Color runs fast and deep.., birds are a favorite subject and red his favorite color . . . a truly adept artist with a sense of humor, indispensable for a serious painter.

Ormond Plater
Knickerbocker News, Albany, N. Y.

The combination of yarn and paint is stunning. Laynor has achieved a perfect marriage of a needle and paint brush. The two complement each other in an almost unbelievable way. Laynor is a thorough and patient craftsman.

Jim Kinter
Lancaster Intelligencer Journal
Lancaster, PA

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