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Fritz Scholder

Internationally recognized, Fritz Scholder is the recipient of numerous awards in the Arts including the American Academy of Arts & letters, the Rockefeller Foundation, the International Prize in Lithography, the John Hay Whitney Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Grand Palais, in Paris, the National Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan and the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco are only a few stops in this extensive list of exhibitions. He is collected throughout the world, the subject of three PBS documentaries, honoured by several Universities with Honorary Doctorates and author and subject of numerous books. Scholder’s Vampires & Fallen Angels, his Millennium series, the Chapel for the end of the Century, and Icons and Apparitions are exhibitions he has shared with the Valley in 1998.

Icons, over framed, are still important in this cybernetic age. Unmarked maps with amulets may help the lost. As men drink and sleep, animals run toward the flames. Portraits of healers and survivors, along with devils and martyrs, may help us understand. According to the Church, end time means the end of evil. Did the talking snake know?

Portrait With Pipe, 1995
acrylic on canvas, 80" x 68"
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