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Our Mission

The Laynor Foundation Museum is established as a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing community needs through intergenerational education relating to the visual arts. The Laynor Foundation Museum also functions as a catalyst in assisting in the developments of public, private partnerships.

The Laynor Foundation Museum awards scholarships annually to visual arts students at selected colleges and universities, who are in need of financial assistance. To support the scholarship program and the charitable community needs, funds are generated through special activities, sale of artwork, donations, and grants.


To award scholarships annually to art students at select colleges and universities.
To expand the scholarship base to include and encourage high school students.
To act as a vehicle for private individuals, corporations, or foundations who want to expand their giving.
To stimulate and educate the community in its support for the arts.
To develop a membership group dedicated to an increased awareness in the fine arts and its support of art education.
To create annual fundraising events to preserve and increase the scholarship fund.
To develop a contemporary arts resource center.
To exhibit the paintings by Harold A. Laynor and other deserving artists.

The Laynor Foundation Museum was established in September, 1992 as a non profit organization to support and encourage art students. We have awarded over twenty scholarships to date, created several exhibitions which toured our state, donated paintings from the collection to support other organizations and sponsored a summer arts camp for Native American Children.




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