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A Message from the President

The world of creativity is built on the strength of those people who have the courage to dream. Harold A. Laynor believed that creative young people should be able to follow their artistic dreams and be able to soar to new heights in the pursuit of excellence. It is my privilege and honor to introduce you to the Laynor Foundation Museum.

My late husband, Harold Laynor, was an internationally known artist and educator. He believed very strongly in the urgency of continuing art education programs in the schools and in recognizing the importance of these programs for young people. He was determined to discover ways for young people to develop their skills to become successful artists and teachers. He also believed that all children, particularly children from at-risk communities who had very little opportunity to learn about art, deserved to have resources available to reach their goals.

In 1991, after my husband’s death, I knew that it was time to take the steps necessary to build a Foundation that could turn dreams into reality. I am proud that in a few short years, the Laynor Foundation Museum has given scholarships to many fine young artists, founded art programs for at-risk children, provided on-going exhibits of the work of many fine artists, and has created a resource center for art education.

One of the main goals of the Laynor Foundation Museum is to continue to work on community cultural development and to build a bridge of understanding among people from all different cultural and ethnic backgrounds through the world of art. This commitment to the community is what Harold Laynor believed in so strongly. Our promise for the future is to give young people the opportunity to continue the dream of Harold Laynor and to share that dream from generation to generation. Thank you for permitting the Laynor Foundation Museum to carry through the hopes and dreams of a creative tomorrow.

Board of Directors

Gloria S. Laynor, President
Lois Laynor Goldblatt
Mark J. Laynor
Dennis F. Laynor
Phil Jones

Julie Codell



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