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Malcom Lein

Born in Havre, Montana in 1913. Private practice Architecture and Design, St. Paul, Minnesota 1946 - present. Founder / Director Minneapolis Museum of Art 1947 -1977. Malcolm lives in Paradise Valley and in St. Paul, Minnesota.

"It is our nature to seek security, love, happiness, and self-respect. But for me, meeting those needs came from other goals: To be a free spirit knowing the self-discipline that it requires, to find challenging, creative work without sacrificing principles, to appreciate the help and guidance given by so many and to repay the debt, to live amidst beauty, in harmony with nature, God and neighbors, to keep a young and open mind, to learn throughout life, hopefully to acquire wisdom, and finally to choose the time to die."

Memorial Chapel for Breck School (floor plan)
ink on paper
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