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Harold A. Laynor
"Aesthetic delights accrue only to those who give of themselves."
- Harold A.Laynor

Dr. Harold A. Laynor (1922-1991) was a prolific and innovative artist. A graduate of Parson's School of Design, Bachelors and Master of Art Degrees from New York University, he earned his doctorate from the State University of New York at Albany.

A member of the famed Ghost Army of World War II, Harold A. Laynor went on to create a legacy of Art spanning five decades, winning many awards including the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Huntington Hartford Fellowship, the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award, the George E. Brown Award and the Parson Memorial Scholarship.

Harold A. Laynor pioneered the use of lacquer as a painting medium and was known for his unique painting techniques and interest in sharing visual art with the less fortunate (3_D paintings for the blind).

Before his death in 1991, Dr. Laynor's greatest desire was to provide educational and financial support for visual arts students and educators. His ideas and work provide the beginning structure and focus of the Laynor Foundation Museum.

"The Ruins"
by Harold A. Laynor

Lacquer on canvas
48" X 36"

In the collection of
The American Foundation

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