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Harold Laynor's WWII series are journalistic, most are watercolors, each is a pensive reflection of Army training, friends, places and battles; unique landscapes of Army life. A dark brooding aspect of the war surfaces toward the end of this series. After he enters combat, brutal remembrances of death, slaughter and the grotesque results of explosions record the terror of WWII. Often, later after the war, he would deal with the sad, jolting memories of war by painting dramatic, lonely portraits of solitary tree stumps. Their branches are jagged remnants of a once verdant life, yet they promise new life to come.

There are fifty paintings from the WWII Series, produced over two years of his young life. Each was very planned by Harold. Each relates to a specific important incident during the war. On the psychological level, they document a young soldier's reaction to war. On the aesthetic level, they burst with raw talent and a need for expression no matter how shocking the subject.

Author Philip Gerard wrote an engrossing non-fiction novel about the Ghost Army - a previously classified topic - Click Here for more information.

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