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The 23rd was inactivated in September 1945. "What did you do in the war, Dad?" veterans of the ghost army could honestly respond: "I blew up tanks and guns, Son."

20 May 1944
Fifth Army, Anzio area, Italy. Dummy tank designed by British, made of rubber and inflated when used. Can be assembled in 20 minutes. When used in field can simulate tank positions. General view showing the soldiers placing the completely assembled dummy into a camouflaged postion which was recently vacated by a medium tank moving up to attack.
Photo by Gallagher, 163rd Signal Photo Co..

PFC Clifton McSwain of Shelby NC working on a dummy plane, putting canvas in position. Herbitzheim area, France.
18 August 1944
Dummy bridge erected by engineers camouflage unit, of canvas and burlap.
photo by Hartman 3131 SIG SV CO
Bridge built at night had been shelled and partially destroyed by Germans who can see it above Pisa, about one and a half miles away.
photo by Hartman 3131 SIG SV CO.
August 25 1944 - Joigny, France
with one man holding a white flag of truce and others standing by armed just in case, T/SGT Olin Dows, of Rhinelander, NY shouts to hiding german soldiers in their own language to give themselves up. To his surprise, instead of the samll group he had expected, 56 of the enemy came out with their hands in the air to surrender.
Photo by Salvas, Signal Corps
August 25 1944 - Joigny, France
T/SGTOlin Dows, armed with only a carbine, marches his haul of german prisoners all by himself. Using his fluency in the German langauge he talked them into surrender.
Photo by Salvas, Signal Corps
4 15 1945
Luxembourg Movie
Signal Corps camermen take a moving picture of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and her husband, Prince Felix, in the city of Luxembourg. Here, the Grand Duchess and her husband (center) pose with the sound crew and all persons connected with the movie.
Photo by T5 W.B. Harrison 167 SIG PHOTO CO.


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