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The Laynor Foundation Museum is the recipient of a 2001 Arizona Commission on the Arts Arizona Artsplace Grant and a 1995 Arizona Humanities Council Grant for the Harold A. Laynor World War II Traveling Exhibit.

Celebrating Art Through Education. Thats the mission statement of The Laynor Foundation Museum. Established in 1992 to support and encourage art students in financial need, the Foundation has awarded many scholarships, created several exhibitions featuring the paintings of Harold A. Laynor and other fine artists, donated paintings to support many organizations and sponsored a summer arts camp for Native American children.

The Laynor Foundation Museum Board of Directors has agreed to allow the purchase of the entire Harold A. Laynor World War II Collection in order to create a permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution and/or any other museum exhibiting fine art with a historical background. Money from the sale will further the mission of The Laynor Foundation Museum. The collection is valued at over $500,000.

If you are interested in making a donation or supporting the Foundation in any way, please call (480) 922-0538 or via regular mail:

The Laynor Foundation Museum
6252 East Aire Libre Lane
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254


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