The Laynor Foundation Museum

Advisory Board Exhibit

Philip C. Curtis
The mysterious Curtis takes us where we've never been, yet feel we belong.
Fritz Scholder
running from shadow to shadow, hiding behind bold, colorful statements that demand and deny.
Earl Linderman
makes us look around for Nick & Nora and order Martinis.
presents the champagne of life, the universe, and internal dialogue.
Jules Heller
deliberately Quixotic explorations that disarm.
Helme Prinzen
expressionistic colorful paintings from nature and the universe.
Deborah Harris
incredible artist celebrating life and enriching ours.
Rachael Ellis
costumer, artist, and much more.
David Tooker
has all the moves with a full complement of skills and the heart to teach others.
Jim Covarrubias
haunting allegories and mystical portraits...
Albert Stewart
international panache as artist, teacher, lecturer.
Malcolm Lein
a seeker in paradise.

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