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A Report on the Dim Sum Breakfast
Saturday, May 20th, 2000 10am to 12 noon

The American Foundation and the Laynor Foundation Museum joined forces to give a lucky winner a painting (picture at left with Gloria Laynor) by the late, American genius, Harold. A. Laynor. The painting is valued at $10,000. The tickets were limited to the first 200 responses, giving each participant a very real chance to win. The raffle was held during the Dim Sum Breakfast at the new American Foundation building at 45l8 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ.. The purchase price of each ticket was $100.00, tax deductible. Funds raised will help a needy art student, and will further promote the important story of Harold A. Laynor.

The lucky winner who received the elegant Laynor painting is Niki Glen of Tempe. Niki is an artist herself, an award winning muralist.

Nathan T. Tervort, Vice President, Foundation Specialist with the American Foundation welcomed everyone to the American Foundation, which cohosted the festivities. The American Foundation building features an exhibit by the Laynor Foundation Museum and its prestigious Advisory Board.

Both organizations focus on scholarship programs that pertain to the arts. The money you spent on tickets helps fulfill the mission to foster the creation of art.

Jennifer Wright, former receipient of a Laynor Foundation Museum grant, was present and graciously said a few words in praise of the Foundation's mission.

Also present were Rosendo Gutierrez, former Phoenix Vice Mayor (above left), who handled his chop sticks pretty well and Ted Troxel (above right), the new curator of the Laynor Collection. Gloria Laynor's daughter and Foundation Board Member, Lois Goldblatt, brought her children, Shana and Ben. Newlyweds, Dr. Bernard Villegas and his artist bride, Teresa, made time to watch the painting demonstration by Jim Covarrubias, as did Jim's daughter, Shauna (left).

A live painting performance by Laynor Advisory Board member Jim Covarrubias was a real highlight of the morning. He announced that the portrait that he would do this morning would be of Cochise. Jim started the painting by painting two symbols in red, one of a buffalo and one of a bear. This was to honor the ancestors, he said.

Jim described the process he went through before even coming to paint. He did several studies of Naichez, the son of Cochise, of whom we have several photographs. There are no known photos of Cochise himself. Cochise means "hardwood". Jim told how he burned some cedar, meditated, opening his imagination, and asked the spirit of Cochise to reveal his visage to him. As the audience watched, Jim chose striking, vivid colors for his portayal of Cochise. He finished the painting in less than an hour.

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