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The Ghost Army Exhibit on November 8th, 2001

The Ghost Army Exhibit on November 8th, 2001, at the Arizona Military Museum was a huge success. The exhibition showcased the artwork of Harold A. Laynor, a member of the 603rd Camouflage Engineer Battalion, known as the Ghost Army. The paintings are a unique look at World War II through the eyes of a young artist and veteran who served his country. Many of the paintings were created by Laynor while he was in the service.

The exhibit was sponsored by the Laynor Foundation Museum and the Arizona National Guard Historical Society to honor those who served and are serving our country. The opening reception was attended by over one hundred people including vetarans of World War II who travelled great distances to be present.Three of the veterans are shown here discussing their personal military experiences about the Ghost Army. They are John Walker, Pennsylvania; James Mulder, Nebraska; and Grant Hess, Arizona.

Several other prominent military and governmental figures also attended the exhibit. Included were Major General David Rataczak, who is the Adjutant General and head of the National Guard of Arizona. He is shown here with Gloria Laynor, President of the Laynor Foundation.

Joseph Abodeely, Attorney at Law, (USAR-Retired) is president of the Arizona National Guard Historical Society which sponsors the Arizona Military Museum, where the exhibit was held. This timely exhibit was successful due to the incredible work of the Board Members of both sponsoring organizations and to Marvin Freeman, for his excellent work in getting publicity to the newspaperes, magazines, radio and television.

The exhibit was on view to the public from November 10th to November 25th.

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