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"Tree Stump"
32" x 41"

"City Dwellers"
14" x 19"

The Laynor Foundation Museum, a vision of Harold A. Laynor, the late artist and educator, was established in 1992 as a non profit organization. The main objective of The Laynor Foundation Museum is to award scholarships to deserving students who are pursuing a career in the visual arts and art education, and are in need of financial assistance.

The Laynor Foundation Museum also supports community needs by increasing the awareness of the value of the visual arts. Funds are generated through the sale of paintings, special activities, donations and grants.

Harold Laynor was so prolific and the size of the Collection is so daunting, that we could not possibly display all of the oil paintings, watercolors and mixed media pieces on this site. All of his works are to be considered for sale - and the proceeds will help the Foundation to continue to provide scholarships to art students who have a desire to teach visual arts.

In World War II, Harold Laynor was a young soldier in a previously classified unit known as the Ghost Army. As he moved across France and Belgium, foxhole to foxhole, he carried his watercolors and canvasses with him and recorded history on the spot. It was during his recovery from wounds received in action in France that Harold Laynor met and studied under Pablo Picasso.

The Laynor Foundation Museum is currently seeking a permanent home for the entire Ghost Army Collection to preserve this truly important series of emotions and record of American history.

Painting by Jim Covarrubias

Dr. Harold A. Laynor (1922-1991) was a prolific and innovative artist. A student of Picasso, he pioneered the use of lacquer as a painting medium and was known for his unique painting techniques. His ideas and work provide the beginning structure and focus of The Laynor Foundation Museum.

Harold A. Laynor
posthumously awarded the
Jubilee of Liberty Medal
Veterans Day,
November 11, 2002

"Birth of a Gremlin"
17" x 20"


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